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Searching for the best one of many electrical companies Punta Gorda does not have to be a hassle task. With our earned reputation as leaders in our industry, first-class workmanship, and a real master electrician, Automated Lifestyles Electric can handle all your electrical needs.

We know you are busy, pressed for time, and your time is valuable, so you should not wait and wonder whether or not the contractor service will come to your place. Automated Lifestyles Electric will immediately respond to your emergency call and instantly send out a master electrician to assist you. Automated Lifestyles Electric takes your electrical issues seriously, no matter how tiny the problem is.

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We at Automated Lifestyles Electric give our best to provide complete satisfaction to our customers. Give us a call for immediate assistance – we answer the phone 24/7, 7 days a week.

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Master Electrician
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We are one of the rare Electrical companies Punta Gorda that offer full service, including:

Our Master Electrician For Home Safety

Smoke Detectors: Fires are a common cause of death (faulty electrical systems are one of the leading culprits, so you should ask your self whether or not your smoke detectors are up to code). As you probably know, fires are dangerous and can get out of control even before you blink. And carbon monoxide is even more dangerous because it is invisible and odorless, but do not worry, we can handle that and give you complete peace of mind by installing up to date CO detectors.

Surge Protection: Every single part of your home electronics can be damaged by surges. More precisely, your electronics are vulnerable. Whether it comes to several huge surges or blowout from a mini lighting strike, we will keep you covered with our surge protectors.


Code Compliance: As technology advance and your electrical systems get old and worn, there is a great chance of failure and fire. The best way to protect yourself and your family is to meet the NEC (National Electrical Code). We will perform assessments to check your code compliance and develop the best solutions.


Professional Electrical Companies Punta Gorda


LED Lighting: Led lighting is something you must have. It’s no secret, LED lights are so popular. They save you money without the slightest changes in your brightness. Our master electrician can install LED lights wherever you want them, outside or inside of your home.

Ceiling Fans: Improve the overall design of your place by replacing old ceiling fans. It is energy efficient and comfortable choice.

Electrical Maintenance: You have noticed that your electrical system is not working well as before? The only correct way to determine the condition of an electrical system is with the help of a professional electrical service that has a licensed master electrician. If we spot any problems during our assessment, we will let you know and offer our expertise to solve them.

Reliable Upgrade Consultants

Electrical Panels: Bad news, if your home still uses old electrical panel, do not put off this task anymore, you are risking a fire. Get an instant upgrade to provide your family with safety and enjoy a reliable source of power.

Home Generators: Have you lately thought about what to do when a big storm approaches? Are you truly prepared for a day or two without refrigerated food, hot water, air conditioning, etc? Give us a call and enjoy the comfort of your home at any time.

GFCI Outlets: They are protecting you from electrical shocks. We call them lifesavers. A GFCI outlet has a specific sensor that tracks the electrical current flow through your wire.

Electrical Repairs

From adding a new outlet to a new place or installation of new light to small electrical repairs, we are here for you. Get rid of broken outlets that constantly gives you a headache, Automated Lifestyles Electric is the solution you have been looking for!

Our entire team is fully licensed and up to date on all practices and codes. We follow the highest industry standards that guarantee to go above and beyond your big expectations! As regular seminars attendees, we are even contributing to the advance of electrical service on a global level.

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Contact us today by filling out an online form or simply call us, and our master electrician will be impliedly at your door. We take our job seriously, so you can have complete peace of mind- your and your family safety is our priority number one!


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