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If you are looking for the best of the best Port Charlotte Electrical companies who can professionally handle all of your residential electrical needs, from rewiring your home and pool lighting to landscape, then look no further – we have got you covered! We have been meeting Port Charlotte homeowner’s needs and expectations for a long time – we can help you too! Need panel change or fan replaced? Just give us a call 941-626-1428

Committed to Customer Satisfaction

In one word, the electrical system in your property is quite complicated. It helps you with your daily activities by powering so many different appliances, and you depend on electricity more than you actually realize. When you face electrical issues, it is quite a bit of an unpleasant and inconvenient moment. At Automated Lifestyles Electric, we have the best solutions for your entire property.


Electrical Companies Port Charlotte

The world we live in is powered by electricity. There is almost no way around it, and when you have issues with electrical work in your Port Charlotte home or business, be sure to call us. Our electrical services aid both residential and commercial properties.

As one of the most trusted electrical companies in Port Charlotte, FL, you can count on us to provide high-quality workmanship and professional service. We value the relationships built with our customers, and we want you to trust not only us but also the electrical work in your Florida home, business, residential property, or commercial property.

Be sure to give us a call for a free estimate. Let’s see how we can help serve your electrical needs.

Our Mission with Electrical Services

Our goal always has been to provide quality electrical work alongside neighborly and professional customer service. We bring these qualities to the people of Port Charlotte, FL, and the surrounding Southwest Florida area.

If you experience electrical issues in your home or business, we can get you the help you need and deserve. We understand that, often, life cannot continue without electrical power. Whether you need an electrician due to a storm, a fluke, or natural updates to electrical work, you can call us for guaranteed quality help. Our technicians are always happy to serve your home or business, whether in a residential or commercial setting.

Our Services Guarantee…


Electrical work is not that simple. There are a lot of factors and pieces that go into repairs, restorations, and replacements. A simple DIY found on the internet may not be the safest way to go–especially if you have little to no experience with anything related to electrical services.

Every electrician we hire is certified, vetted, and fully equipped to help you with your electrical needs. They all understand that safety is a priority and ensures to the fullest extent that their work is complete and secure before leaving the job.

To keep your Port Charlotte, FL, home or business as safe as possible–even during an electric crisis–we always guarantee safety as one of our top priorities.

Quality Workmanship

Our electrical services also promise top-quality workmanship. We have been in the electric industry for years and plan on leading the industry for years to come. So, we use the most advanced technology when completing our residential and commercial electric services. The electrician that arrives is equipped and fully prepared for the job, using the most ideal and practical tools.

As an electric company, we cannot function without having professional services that accurately provide electrical work and get the community’s electrical needs met. For this, we stick to basic practices but always look for new ways to enhance our technology. That way, as we improve your electrical work, we can do so with higher machinery.

port charlotte electrician

We are one of the rare Electrical companies Port Charlotte that offer full service, including:

  • Electrical Repair
  • Electrical Installations
  • Transfer Switch
  • Surge Protection
  • Panels and Circuit Breakers
  • Wiring and Rewiring
  • Energy Audit
  • Code Compliance
  • Inspections and Maintenance
  • Landscape Lights
  • Light Installation
  • Lighting Services
  • Whole House/Home Generators
  • Commercial

Note: these are just a few of our professional services. We can handle everything electrical, just reach out to our electrician experts today!


For every project that we start, we always meet it with professionalism. All our professional residential and commercial electrical services satisfy their title of “professional.” That being said, professional not only means that we treat you with respect through customer service, but we also respect the home or business that you trust us with enhancing. As a result, we bring quality workmanship because that is the kind your project deserves.

Serving the community for years has also given us the experience to create an excellent experience for you. Our professional electrical services also provide free estimates for both residential and commercial properties. By offering free estimates, we get that you deserve proper electrical services before you pay.

Expert Advice

If you need help with electrical work in your home or business in Port Charlotte, FL, an electrician from our company completes the job with the most knowledge and expertise possible. They also can answer any questions you may have and address any concerns. When your electrician arrives to get to work, please ask questions to ensure that everything is in order if you have doubts. It is never bad to seek free advice from someone with professional experience as they improve your electrical needs. No matter if there is electrical work in a home or business, any contractor or electrician from our electric company can address concerns with full knowledge.

Residential Electrical Services

Our residential electrical services are currently serving the community of Port Charlotte County and have been serving this southwest Florida area for years. We are proud to bring our quality services to any residential home, no matter if it is of single or multi-level size.

New construction electrical work is also within our toolbelt of offerings. If you have a new construction project, like building your own home, we can efficiently and safely provide our quality electrical services. Sometimes, a contractor is not enough. A skilled electrician can get your new home to where you want it to be.

Even if you are not doing new construction and are simply doing some remodeling, we are happy to take a look for repairs, replacements, or routine inspections. Many people are trying to get their electrical needs met with DIYs found online in today’s digital age. However, this does not give the proper quality and often does not meet safety codes. If you are conducting some updates, give us a call to see that all electrical service is ready to go.

If you live in a residential area in Florida, you understand just how impactful some of those Florida storms can be to your home. Debris, wind, and falling trees all pose a threat to the electrical wiring and overall electrical integrity of your house. Our residential electrical services include quality workmanship that can provide storm damage repairs.

Finally, our residential services include help with making sure all wiring and electrical controls are up to code. If your Florida home, whether it is relatively old or new construction, has issues with serving the electrical devices of your house, we can inspect and identify the problem. Then, we use are developed and high-quality method of going about electrical improvements and repairs.

All of our residential services are not limited to what is mentioned above. If there are any electrical problems you want to be addressed, please contact us. We have been serving the community of Port Charlotte County for years. We can answer questions and provide information about a free estimate.

Electrical Safety Services

As you may know, the vast majority of the older homes were in that time built by the latest technology, but as times go on, every aspect of technology has advanced, leaving your old and worn electrical systems with no chance to handle power demands. We at Automated Lifestyles Electric are making sure your electrical system is up to date and equipped in order to handle modern lifestyle demands. Therefore, we are offering energy audit services that help us to assess and determine your energy consumption and help you to have a cost-effective solution in the long run by upgrading your home outlets and breakers.

Trust Our Local And Reliable Electricians At Best Home Services

Electrical problems are something that commonly occurs. No matter how many times you upgraded or maintained your electrical system, there is always a chance of malfunctions or damage. A bitter truth, but sometimes things simply go wrong, and when the worst happens, you can rely on Automated Lifestyles Electric company. We take care of absolutely everything, from huge system replacements to minor repairs, none task is too small for us, as the safety of our clients is priority number one!

Why Routine Electrical Maintenance Is Important

Maintenance on a regular basis is essential to a long-lasting electrical system. We truly understand that busy homeowners have no time to deal with electrical downtimes, and therefore, we are offering 24-hour electricians who will help you to keep your system working.

Licensed, Insured, Experienced, and Professional Services

One of the biggest problems we face throughout Florida is the numerous handymen who claim to be qualified electricians. Although you may think it is cheaper to hire these unlicensed handymen or be tempted to execute a DIY project, you may be putting your place at risk and yourself to lawsuits by employees side as they are unlicensed and if something goes worn and they injury?

Many electrical companies Port Charlotte also have technicians in their teams, not electricians. Wondering how so? Because Florida law requires only the owner of the electrical company to be licensed. Workers are not in obligation to possess it. Therefore we are only employing real electricians, licensed ones!

A Team You Can Always Count On

As a family people, we understand the importance of a trustworthy relationship and your need for fiding reliable electrical services. We want to build long-lasting relationships with our dear fellow citizens. We stand behind our work with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Complete services of electricians, from installation to maintenance of electrical installations and lighting, allow us to timely, cost-effectively design, plan and complete all electrical projects for our customers. We offer quality services of electricians for installation, improvement, additions, and repairs of electrical installations and systems.

Automated Lifestyles Electric is an electrician company dedicated to safety, quality, and reliability. We adhere to safety standards and meet all state and local safety regulations and standards, all with the goal of exceeding all your expectations at the best price on the market! Contact us today through our online form or give us a call.

Commercial Electrical Services

We understand the value that your business holds in your lifestyle. When your business’s electrical service goes haywire, it can take a toll on the whole operation. We have offered commercial electrical services to the Southwest Florida community of Port Charlotte County and the surrounding area. If you have electric problems with your business or company–both big and small–contact us for a well-trained electrician who provides quality electrical services that stand the test of time.

We are proud of the electrical services we have been providing to Southwest Florida in the past years, and we look forward to assisting all the electrical needs of your business. Like our residential electrical services, we can inspect the wiring and ensure everything is up to code, even if your business is new construction. Our services can provide service to a diverse set of buildings–both residential and commercial.

Even if your business needs our electrical services solely for maintenance, we can help you out. We have been serving commercial properties for many years, and no service job is too small. If you are still unsure about your commercial property and its electrical needs, by all means, please contact us. We always provide free estimates so that you know what you need and how much it costs.

Why Choose Us for Your Electrical Needs?

We have conducted our electric-related service for years. Through this, we have accumulated tons of experience, gathered all the best tricks of the industry, and know the ins and outs of all things electric. We can help with your wiring, transmission, and more. Contact us to learn more about what we can do for your residential and commercial electric work in Port Charlotte.

Additionally, you can have full confidence in all technicians, as they are licensed, educated, and equipped to meet the needs of your electrical work. We strive to uphold an electric company that maintains a high rating with high levels of confidence within the community of Port Charlotte County and the surrounding Florida area. For this, you can rely on a certified electrician to conduct quality work and provide a fantastic experience.

We also always guarantee quality workmanship for all our clients. Electrical services are a tricky industry and completely necessary in today’s world. Nothing is complicated with our company, and you get the electric work that needs to be conducted in your home or business.

Trusted by thousands in Port Charlotte and the surrounding area, you can be sure that we always provide quality electrical services for residential and commercial properties. Contact us today for more information and a free estimate.

Owned and operated by a group that has been serving the community for years. We understand the impact that electric service has on your home or commercial property. We also get that serving the community also means creating a stressless experience. For this, we always provide free estimates for a project. Whether it is new construction or a simple wiring fix, you should always know what you are going to pay.

Call Our Electric Inc for Electrical Services in Port Charlotte, FL!

With a high rating from the community, we can service your home or commercial property and attend to your electric needs. As always, you get a free estimate for any project–both residential and commercial.

Contact us today for electric services and get your free estimate for your home or business!


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