How much does a master electrician make?

Before giving a straightforward answer to the question of how much does a master electrician make, let’s first say something about what do master electricians do. The title master electrician is a title for those electricians who did mastery of their trade.

Their primary job is to oversee journeymen electricians and electrician apprentices on industrial, commercial, and residential electrical jobs. A master electrician is in charge of scheduling the job in phases over the planning stage and providing all necessary components, materials, and parts that need to be ordered on time for the electrical job.

How Much Does a Master Electrician Charge Per hour?

master electrician’s salary throughout the entire U.S., the master electrician’s average salary is around $62,000 per year, which means it is roughly $30 per hour. An interesting fact is that master electricians in Boston, MA, have the highest salaries – about $77,500 per year. For those who are beginners, that is, starting out, the average salary in Boston, MA is between $54,000 to $56,000. The leading cities when it comes to how much does a master electrician makes are Minneapolis, Washington, Cheyenne, Milfort, Connecticut, North Dakota, and Minnesota, they all have more than the average salary. On the other hand, Arkansas, Tennessee, and Mississippi offer the lowest average salary for master electricians.

Master electrician salary in different industries

Master electrician salary greatly depends on the industry. Much data shows that construction companies, technology, and retail sectors offer the highest salaries for master electricians. For example, master electricians who work in technology companies make around $62,000. Meanwhile, people in retail companies earn about $63,000, and those in the construction industry earn $59,000. Anyhow, master electricians might want to avoid manufacturing industries because they are offering the lowest master electrician salary.

how much does a master electrician make

How master electricians experience affect salary

As with everything else, experience plays a key role when it comes to how much you can make. So, how much a master electrician can make per hour will depend on their experience, from basic, entry-level to senior level. The entry-level earns between $35k-$40k while mid-level earns around $55k, and senior-level might earn over $70k annually.

How Much Does a Master electrician Make, Salary?

To recap. Nevada beats the national master electrician salary average by 7.5%, while Massachusett went even further and beaten the national average by 14.6%. But Massachusetts has a very developed and active Master electrician job market because there are many companies that are always hiring master electricians.

The bottom line is that the electric industry is constantly evolving and getting bigger, which means companies are constantly in need of master electricians. Although the average master electrician salary varies depending on several factors, compared to other industries, their salary per hour is pretty good.

Of course, you cannot expect at entry-level to earn the same as those master electricians who have been in this business for over 20 years. But with persistence and once you gain enough experience, you can expect to reach the average master electrician salary after a couple of years.


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