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The bitter truth, but at some point in our lives we are going to face an electrical emergency. And when it does, you certainly want to avoid stressing out about who to give your trust and whether or not they offer this type of service. That’s why Automated Lifestyles Electric offers emergency electrician service.

Proper and regular care of your house electrical system performed by an electrician is a crucial part when it comes to the efficiency and safety of your home power usage.

At Automated Lifestyles Electric, we truly understand that you can find yourself in a hopeless situation when an electrical breaktime happens, and it can happen at any time of the day, not only during the day and business hours. Therefore, we offer professional and available for all emergency electrician services. 941-626-1428

emergency electrician
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When You Need To Call An Emergency Electrician 

  • Strange and unusual smells you feel in your room
  • Buzzing but strange noise coming from your switch, outlet, or even breaker panel.
  • Wet electrical panel.
  • Someone has been electrocuted.
  • Your lights are flickering off and on or dimming.

If something of these things happens, do not wait for other companies for several days, instead, call Automated Lifestyles Electric whether it is high noon or midnight, we are here for you!

Unresolved electrical problems can lead to a house fire, property damage, electric shock, and, believe it or not, death case. The improper functioning of the electrical system is not something to postpone for later, just quickly reach out to our emergency electrician and get rid of wondering what’s going to happen.

emergency electrician
emergency electrician

What If Your Circuit Breakers Trip And Your Fuses Blow

Bear in mind these two components are the most important elements when it comes to your safety and prevention of possible electrical system fire, so they are basically your first line of defense against a huge disaster.

The good thing about circuit breakers is that they are developed to instantly trip when they detect a larger amount of electrical current. They are in charge of preventing any possible damage or even fire hazards. If the electrical current is strong, high, or large, call it whatever you want, and your electrical system is worn, it can easily happen.

The fuses are in charge of something similar. This is how fuses work: they start melting and at the same time severing the exact wire because an overloaded electrical current is trying to pass through that wire.

So, fuses blowing and circuit breakers tripping are important signs that show you something is wrong in your house and electrical system, so you are going to need an emergency electrician.

Main Culprits Of Breaker Tripping And Fuse Blowing

About an overloaded circuit: Overload happen when you try to pull out more electricity to the circuit, but it has no ability to safely handle it. Signs of this to look for are lights dimming or flickering, discolored or hot-wall plates, buzzing noises, and burning smells.

About short circuits: They are a serious culprit if your circuit breaker trip. Usually, it happens when the hot and neutral wires come in touch. Although these electrical problems are not too easy to diagnose, a good sign for this is if a breaker in your house trips instantly after resetting.



Ensuring Your Home Is Up to Code

One of the most common reasons for electrical emergencies is outdated wiring or circuit breaker. Outdated electrical equipment leads to overloading of your wiring, tripped breaker, or a fire hazard. Electrical inspections on a regular basis can prevent these problems. These days, it is more important than ever to ensure your home is up to date with electrical code. Our households are using more electronic devices than in any previous decade. We are using streaming devices, smartphones, tablets, security systems, entertainment systems, and more. All of this cannot work properly if your electrical system is out of date.

Emergency Electrician

Automated Lifestyles Electric invites all our dear fellow citizens across Southwest Florida to call us right away at any time if they are facing any sort of emergency. We put your safety first! Do not postpone this task, just reach us, and we will immediately send out a knowledgeable emergency electrician to help you! Do not risk the safety and security of your family. We are always available in order to prevent things go wrong.


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